About us

About 9jabranding

9jabranding is a website where people are allowed to post news, either happening right while they are present, sent to them by direct eye witnesses or otherwise collected from a named news source. The news collected or written by our users are then put directly to polls and quizzes for people to share their thoughts and views about the news. The reason for this website is because all modern news outlets only feed a large majority of the information to people without giving people adequate opportunity to express their views about it.

9jabranding is a place where everyone´s opinion matters and we invite everyone to come and join this great poll so the power of the people would be seen and heard. We invite young and aspiring journalist to come and practice their news delivery skills, thereby building a more prosperious journalistic future for themselves.

Who is 9jabranding for?

9jabranding is for everyone not just journalist, our services can be used by companies with new rollout that want to know the opinion of their intended client base , Governments that want to know what people think of certain issues and even private individuals who want to just find out the right way to do anything